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FleetChaser is an innovative fleet management platform that exists to streamline business operations of the modern fleet business.

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Our Features
What Sets Us Apart?
Our intuitive platform is designed to offer an exceptional user experience without any long-term contracts or commitments, allowing users to enjoy the flexibility and freedom they deserve.
Our maintenance log and alerts features ensure your vehicles are working optimally.
Easy-to-Use Interface
We value simplicity. Simple, intuitive, and logical controls to help you manage your fleet.
Utilization Monitoring
Knowledge is power. Make informed business decisions based on asset and personnel utilization.
Real-Time Video
Accuracy so good, you feel like you are driving the vehicle yourself.
Location Monitoring
GPS trackers that help with load tracking and route tracking and so much more.
24/7 Support
Always available to support you. Tell us about your needs today!
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Our Benefits

Our customers have uncovered the following ways FleetChaser has revolutionized their business
Increase profit

Gain visibility into asset maintenance, utilization, reporting and monitoring from a single platform.

Reduce downtime

Did you know that maintenance is the leading cause of downtime? Our platform ensures that your assets receive the preventative maintenance they need to keep your business moving.

Reduce Downtime
Increase efficiency

Increase the efficiency of your fleet by using our proprietary platform to schedule your assets. We’ve included functions such as weather and traffic reporting to occur in real-time so you can make informed decisions.

Image Efficiency
Ensure safety

Above all, the safety of your team is paramount. Our real-time video feed and proactive AI safety notifications ensure your team is alert on the job.

Visibility into business operations

FleetChaser as an extension of your business: use it as an employee performance tracker, maintenance log, asset tracker, IFTA report generator, and so much more!

Our Clients
Don’t just trust our word, here's what our customers have to say:
  • Jeff

    FleetChaser's maintenance features are an absolute must-have. The log, tracker and alerts ensure that our vehicles are always on the ready. The location monitoring has also been a highly used feature, having visibility to where your fleet is has been a game-changer for our business.

  • Vasily
    Charlotte Ace Roofing

    You really get a significant amount of value for the money paid. The software is packed with features such as GPS tracking, real-time video (others claim they have LIVE video but usually there is a delay), and maintenance logs and alerts… but it doesn’t stop there. If there is a feature that you need the software to do, the FleetChaser team can make it for us. Customer Service is truly top-notch.

  • Mark
    Value Waste

    Since I’ve changed over to FleetChaser system, there have been three if not four accidents that I’ve been able to claim that my truck wasn’t there based on GPS coordinates, I was able to use footage from the camera to show that it wasn’t my vehicle involved in the accident and several fender benders where other drivers blamed my garbage truck drivers where I was able to show that it wasn’t the case. Right there the three accidents saved me tons of money by having FleetChaser.

  • Tom
    B&N Grading, Inc.

    We began using FleetChaser to track equipment and gather statistics on over 70 pieces of equipment... It didn't take long for FleetChaser to become a vital and irreplaceable resource for our company... We find FleetChaser to be a functional, cost-effective, and easy-to-use tool that pays for itself. It is a tool that earned my full and highest endorsement.

  • David
    Rogers Grading

    For reference, I’ve used a competitive product before and can confidently say that you get a better level of service compared to other offerings and it can be built purpose to meet your business needs. I like the way it's set up month to month instead of a contract. In terms of the actual use cases, I’ve found employees where they weren’t supposed to be which led me to make corrective actions. From a billing perspective, it has let me catch and bill things we wouldn’t have been able to if we couldn’t go back and verify using FleetChaser’s reporting functions. Its load tracking and route reports have been absolutely crucial for our business.

  • Billy
    Lake Norman Turf, Inc.

    All lawn mowing companies should use FleetChaser. The “real-time” features are amazing!! We had employees driving 30-40 minutes one way for lunch and taking 45 minutes to eat lunch, then only reporting a 30-minute lunch break. When you add these to your equipment you can see if your employees are making money off of your equipment by mowing non-client yards!! We had it happen to us. We also found the email alerts for maintenance to be so helpful! The trackers paid for themselves in the first month from our savings!

  • Vlad
    Landmark Materials

    We at Landmark Materials are very thankful to have found a tracking system that is as wonderful as Fleet Chaser!!! Fleet Chaser allows us to make sure our dump trucks are getting to the sites on time. We can check in on the drivers and notify our clients regarding arrival times. Taking pictures of things that need to be repaired, logging them in under maintenance records, and getting email alerts were the big seller for us. We also have heavy equipment that we are using the trackers on. Being able to keep up with the hours enables us to charge clients accurately. Being in the know about our teams whereabouts was a struggle. FleetChaser continues to save us a TON of money and allows us to give our clients better timing and a better product. I can’t say enough great things about Fleet Chaser!!!

  • Cassy
    Home Evolution Roofing

    If you are on the fence, just give it a try. It is cost-effective and totally worth the money you spend on it. It’s such a well-built system, the accuracy is unmatched. Overall, I don’t have anything negative to say about it. It is reliable, dependable, and easily accessible.

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More about FleetChaser
Maximizing your fleet’s performance.
Customer retention
We pride ourselves with a 98% customer retention rate.
Money saved
Our maintenance tracking features alone have saved our customers thousands of dollars.
Data coverage
Did you know that we have coverage in all 50 states as well as Canada and Mexico? Now that's peace of mind.
Compliance Simplified
Nobody wants to do extra math, we’ve refined the IFTA reporting logic so you won’t have to.
More about FleetChaser
Maximizing your fleet’s performance.
Peace of mind. There are few things that are more comforting than knowing that your assets and teams are protected.
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Events and conferences
The Utility Expo 2023

September 26th - 28th in Louisville, Kentucky

Come and join us at The Utility Expo 2023 in Kentucky, where we will have a booth set up from September 26th to September 28th of 2023.


October 17th - 20th in Louisville, Kentucky

Come visit my booth at Equip Exposition and discover how our innovative landscaping tracking products can help take your business to the next level.

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