Hello there, fleet crew! We at the FleetChaser team have developed a new feature designed to boost productivity, increase convenience, and make your life as a fleet manager easier — the end results we strive for in every endeavor! 🎯

As more and more manual tasks are becoming obsolete and more operations streamlined, it’s time to improve the search feature. Forget having to go through each specific tab to find what you’re looking for, just type it in the global search tab!

How Exactly Does it Work?

Absent this feature, it was only possible to search keywords by single tabs (for example, employees, vehicles, locations, etc.). Now there’s a single place for you to search across every attribute of your fleet!

How Exactly Does it Work?

By clicking the new Global Search tab (which looks like a magnifying glass), you can enter the words you’re looking for and get results from the whole fleet.

If you want to organize the results, you can apply filters to single out specific categories, such as maps, vehicles, or Live Share!

Navigating the results selection maximizes use simplicity — apart from clicking the tab and scrolling from the touchpad, it’s also possible to use the keyboard and mouse for those who prefer the hands-on method! Press Ctrl+K (⌘+Ctrl+K on Mac) to open or close the Global Search, scroll with the arrow keys, and press enter once you land on the desired result.

Navigating the results selection maximizes use simplicity

What This Means for Fleets

More Time Saved, More Revenue Made

FleetChaser is dedicated to staying ahead of the curve in the fleet management game. It’s evident that the automation and ease of use provided by fleet software, among various other advantages, saves time, resources, and ramps up efficiency for fleets. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve the system and empower companies with an even more advanced arsenal of tools leading to business growth.

With simplified Global Search, every team member who will be interacting with the software will save valuable time — and, in the long run, all those shortcuts add up, enabling you to focus longer on making crucial decisions for business prosperity, rather than just managing operations.

Embracing the dynamic developments of software solutions sets you up for generating more revenue!

Intuitivity for Smoother Onboarding

Getting your team comfortable with transitioning to or implementing a new software tool can be a cumbersome, bumpy process. Adjustment time is still company time, during which more productive tasks could be accomplished.

That is why we put emphasis on intuitive features and design, so your team can kick into full gear as soon as possible. To achieve this, Global Search improves overall intuitiveness and convenience.

The dual compatibility for navigation (both with on-screen clicking or utilizing keys) ensures that every member is catered to and can perform most efficiently with their approach of choice.