Keeping your trucks on the road means keeping your business running. A single defect can pose a major setback to your fleet, sacrificing time, money, and customer satisfaction. “Prevention is better than cure” applies here pretty much.

That’s why extending the lifetime of your trucks boils down to preventive maintenance: knowing what type of issues are likely to arise and addressing them early on.

Take a proactive approach to your truck’s upkeep and find out how to avoid the five most common breakdown causes.

Let’s take a look at how you can avoid most common truck breakdowns.

1. Tires

Tire blowouts are one of the most common issues causing fleet downtime. You can lower the chances of a tire issue by performing regular inspections. Make sure to check your tire pressure so they’re not over- or underinflated.

2. Brakes

Brakes are subject to a lot of pressure and wear in large trucks. They often cause problems down the line when not fixed in time. This is why it’s imperative to stick to a preventive maintenance schedule for your brakes; when specified, replace worn-out discs, pads, brake fluid, etc.

3. Battery

Given that trucks today rely heavily on various functions and systems powered by the battery, excessive utilization can lead to battery depletion. It is essential to ensure the battery is properly charged and maintained. Keep the connections in the battery box in good condition.

4. Clutch Issues

Clutch wear is a natural part of truck usage that can be detected early in maintenance. However, some factors contributing to clutch issues are up to the driver: to minimize the load on the clutch. Practicing smooth and controlled shifting can reduce unnecessary strain on the clutch system. Not only should you have a preventive maintenance schedule in place to replace worn discs and other system parts, but your drivers also have to follow proper practices to minimize clutch problems.

5. Oil Leaks

Oil leaks are a harmful problem in that the added friction can damage parts of the truck and lead to bigger issues. Most leaks happen because of regular wear and tear, so make sure to inspect the oil systems regularly. Replace old gaskets and seals to prevent leakage. If you notice a small puddle underneath your truck, it’s time to fix your oil systems.


A wide array of issues can arise in the course of running a truck fleet, and it’s crucial not to let your business come to a halt as a result. Generally, the key to preventing the most common truck breakdowns is adhering to a solid preventive maintenance schedule, exercising responsibility and precaution when driving, and performing regular, thorough inspections.

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