Operating a fleet requires greater-scale management to ensure performance optimization, expense reduction, and efficient cost distribution. Without outlining a budget that keeps track of every expenditure and point of resource consumption, financing and running a fleet business becomes very complicated and unproductive.

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No one wants their fleet management to resemble a convoluted maze of untrackable numbers. Let alone if this limitation causes the operation scheme to needlessly lose revenue.

This is where FleetChaser comes in.

Everything about Your Fleet, All in One Place

FleetChaser is a highly intuitive fleet management software that allows users to gain insight into the current state of their vehicles, view maintenance logs, leverage effective travel routes, and more — every feature is implemented with operational and budget optimization in mind, equipped with a user-friendly interface.

We’ve put a great emphasis on making the system serving your vital business goals, being in our customers’ shoes and knowing what exactly is needed to propel your fleet on the next level. Your business goals can be achieved way faster with the right tech stack.

Maintenance Alerts

Preventable downtime puts the wheels of your business on hold — FleetChaser addresses this by alerting users of impending maintenance hold-ups. Get the necessary technical maintenance done ahead of time and save yourself the hassle of taking your vehicles off the road because untracked repair work came up.

Location Tracking

Want to know the location of your fleet at any given time? This is easily done and visualized with location tracking in the software that displays the entire driving route on a map. The journey is divided into time slots, so the user accurately monitors when the vehicle was traveling, when it stopped and when it was idling, all stages presented in an intuitive and simple dashboard.

Video Broadcasting and Increased Safety

Just as good as being inside the vehicle yourself, FleetChaser provides users with the ability to connect to the vehicle’s dash cam and get a real-time stream of the road. One step beyond supervision via metrics, this feature allows fleet managers to get a first-hand view of the vehicle’s status and journey progress.

The opportunity to access video footage of the driver’s perspective enhances team safety, tracking (and increasing) driver alertness and road awareness, additionally supported by AI safety notifications.

Effective Route Planning

To ensure your fleet travels with utmost convenience and time efficiency, FleetChaser’s route planning platform schedules drive options in accordance with the weather conditions, traffic and precipitation, making your asset planning adaptive to environmental changes and resilient to setbacks on the road.

Utilization Monitoring

FleetChaser records data on how assets are being used, including factors such as mileage, hours of operation, fuel consumption, and travel duration, which is further divided into segments of travel time, periods of idling and vehicle stopping. This allows companies to gather insights on how effectively their assets are being utilized, helping make informed data-driven decisions to optimize operations.

Reports and Performance Tracking

FleetChaser‘s versatile arsenal of tools, metrics and tracking features grants you a wide yet accurate view over the entirety of your fleet operations. With reports detailing asset and driver performance and the simple and intuitive manner of data presentation, this software makes running your fleet straightforward, and gauging productivity and budgeting effectiveness easier than ever. We’ve included only vital metrics to support you in making timely and effective business decisions.

The Ultimate fleet Tracking Solution With a User-friendly Layout

Not only does FleetChaser provide a comprehensive overview of all your fleet’s maintenance needs and status, utilization data, travel route schedule breakdowns, and crucial safety features and alerts with the ability to easily switch between vehicles, but it also saves your budget.

The first step to successfully budgeting a fleet is tracking metrics and expenses — this is enabled through FleetChaser’s extensive assortment of vehicle data that doesn’t let a single vital value slip between the cracks.

Kick your fleet business into full gear and reap the benefits of an organized fleet data view and operation management software, to simplify running a fleet, boost company efficiency and push expenses to a minimum.