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Release Notes

Stay up to date with the newest updates and improvements in FleetChaser.

🔧 Bug Fixes and Improvements ⭐

  • 📣 DVR - Improvement: We have improved the DVR system, increasing upload speed and enhancing the overall history retrieval process to ensure faster and more reliable access to information, addressing previous issues with camera loading and history availability.
  • Vehicles/Groups - Sorting Fix. Sorting groups by name and the number of vehicles now works correctly, addressing the previous issue where sorting did not function as expected.
  • Locations/Location Statistics - Image Display Fix. Vehicles without images are now displayed correctly in the list, resolving the issue where they were previously shown incorrectly.
  • Locations/List - Label and Character Improvements. The label for the number of vehicles in each location has been updated to display only the number itself without the word "vehicles," and the character limit for location names has been increased to allow for longer names, improving the overall user experience.
  • Locations/List - "No Activity Yet" Label Addition. We have added a "No Activity Yet" label for locations that have had no activity since their creation, while locations with activity display the relevant activity timestamp.
  • Live Share - Sorting Direction Fix. Sorting now correctly displays in the order A, B, C when the sorting arrow points down, addressing the previous issue of reverse sorting.