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Release Notes

Stay up to date with the newest updates and improvements in FleetChaser.

🎉 New Vehicles Types

  • We are excited to announce the addition of two new types of vehicles to our fleet: Sweeper Truck and Air Sweeper Truck. To help distinguish these new vehicle types from the existing ones, we have also created unique icons for each of them. We hope these new additions will further improve our services and meet the evolving needs of our customers.


🔧 Bug Fixes and Improvements ⭐

  • Resolved issue in Vehicles/Drivers where assigned driver remained displayed without information after being unassigned or archived. Previously, deleting or editing an assigned driver who had been archived or unassigned as an operator was not possible. Now, assigned drivers will disappear from the Driver's calendar after being archived or unassigned, as expected.
  • Fixed an issue in Vehicles/Maintenance (alert) where the number of months that have passed changed after editing an alert. After editing an alert, the months that have passed will now remain the same, as expected.
  • Resolved issue in Locations/Update locations - where existing locations were not displayed when editing a location. Previously, the list of locations was not appearing while editing a location. All other locations will now be displayed correctly when editing a location, as expected.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on the "View Report" link which you getting on your emails resulted in a 404 error. Previously, the Daily State Mileage report link was not working. With this fix, the "View Report" link now works correctly, as expected.
  • Improvements to the Locations/History section of our application. We have added the ability to view active days on the calendar. This new feature will enable users to easily identify which days had activity recorded.
  • Resolved issue where ODB was not displayed when editing a vehicle. Previously, when editing a vehicle, the ODB was not appearing as expected. ODB will now be displayed when editing a vehicle as intended.
  • Addition of the "Expand" and "Expand All" buttons to the Reports/State mileage section of our application. Previously, there were no expand buttons available. With this update, users will now be able to see the expand button for the list of states when a group of vehicles is selected, allowing for easier navigation and analysis of data.