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📣 Introducing Global Search: Instantly Find What You’re Looking for

We've added the Global Search feature to FleetChaser, simplifying your fleet management by providing comprehensive search across all aspects of your fleet, with efficient filters and user-friendly navigation, saving time, boosting revenue, and ensuring a smoother onboarding experience for your team. Read more

Global search

🔧 Bug Fixes and Improvements ⭐

Reports - Vehicle State Report. Addresses are now correctly displayed in the Vehicle State Report, resolving the issue where they were not loaded in previous versions.

Vehicles - Loading Issue. All vehicles are now correctly loaded and displayed as expected, addressing the issue where only a partial list of vehicles was shown in previous versions.

Live Share - Display Enhancement with Filter. Live Share that has passed is now correctly hidden when the "Show Passed" filter is not enabled, addressing the issue where it was displayed without the filter in previous versions.