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📣 Introducing: Event System and Vehicle Notes

🚗📝 Advanced Vehicle Notes Feature Unleashed!

In this latest release, we're thrilled to introduce the Advanced Vehicle Notes feature in FleetChaser, revolutionizing the way you manage information about your vehicles. We've gone beyond maintenance, creating a versatile platform to handle various aspects of your car, including insurance documents, service records, and photos.

Vehicle Notes

🚀 Key Enhancements:

Information Management:

  • ✨ Users can now add text and files as notes.
  • 📂 File uploads allow easy categorization into specific categories (e.g., gallery, documents).
  • 📝 Additional editable information fields, such as tags, metadata (odometer, engine hours), and creation date, enhance note details.

View Customization:

  • 🎨 Users can customize the view to display notes based on categories like All Notes, Gallery, and Documents.
  • 🗂 Default sorting orders notes from newest to oldest, grouped by month, providing an organized overview.

Search Functionality:

  • 🔍 Users can perform searches based on various fields, including user name, odometer, engine hours, text within the note, file name, and tags.
  • 🔦 Search results highlight matched data, ensuring quick identification of relevant information.

Sorting by Date:

  • 📅 All notes are displayed by default, sorted by date, ensuring a chronological presentation.

User Experience:

  • 🔄 The user interface has been redesigned to offer an intuitive and user-friendly experience.

🚀 This enhancement empowers users to effortlessly add, manage, and retrieve comprehensive information related to their vehicles.

🔔 Events System Release: Elevating Fleet Operations with Real-Time Alerts!

In our most recent update, we're thrilled to introduce the Events System, a cutting-edge feature designed to provide dynamic insights into your company's activities. This system empowers you to set rules, triggering instant notifications when these rules are breached, delivered through various channels. Enjoy the flexibility to tailor rules based on specific criteria, applying them selectively to chosen vehicles and notifying designated individuals. This innovation ensures real-time visibility into critical actions within your company, offering comprehensive awareness of your fleet.

Event System

🚀 Key Goals:

  • 🚗 Activate events related to various actions initiated by vehicles or employees.

🌐 Current Use Cases:

  • 🚦 Trigger an event when a vehicle exceeds a predefined speed limit.

🌐 Overall Benefits:

  • 🔄 Real-time insights into your company's activities.
  • 🚨 Immediate notifications when predefined rules are violated.
  • 🌐 Seamless integration with the notifications system.
  • 🎯 Tailored customization for rule application and notification recipients.
  • 🕰 Time-based rule activation for optimized monitoring during specific hours.

🔧 Bug Fixes and Improvements ⭐

  • Vehicles/Edit Vin number - Added the much-requested ability to edit VIN for trailer trackers. Now, easily modify VIN details, addressing the previous limitation.